RK Eco Coir

Coir fibre is a versatile and durable natural fibre that is extracted from the husk of coconuts with residue of coir pith in indigenous and are safe for our environment. India has been a leading supplier of eco-friendly coir fibre and coir products to rest of the world, and we are delighted to be a part of this growing industry.

Headquartered in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirapalli district, RK ECO COIR is established and operated by a reputed business family with 70 years experience in agriculture industry. We source only good quality raw material to manufacture wide ranges of high profile coir Fibre and coir pith.

We intend to supply superior quality “Coir Fibre” to serve the needs of rope curlers, mat and bed manufacturers in India, China, Netherland and the United States of America, and “Coir Pith” Compost to organic food producers in USA, Netherlands, South Korea, China, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Turkey and Kenya, etc.

To witness a new benchmark in India’s coir industry with exceptional coir product.

To prove our unwavering dedication towards our clients by providing high-quality products and reliable services.

To participate in global and environmental growth by promoting organic cultivation and a cleaner, natural atmosphere.


Ours is the first automated factory unit in Tamil Nadu’s Coir Industry. Our modernised fibre and pith plant has the ability to process over 5000 kg of coir fibre and 7500 kg of coir pith per 8 hours shift.

We are the only unit that runs a 150 kg coir fibre bailing machine for quick production in the district of Tiruchirapalli. Our manufacturing unit is spread across 7.99 acres of cemented land, and there is a large space to dry coir fibre and coir pith separately to ensure protection from dust, sand, foreign particles, and to maintain superior product quality.

Quality Policy

At RK Eco Coir, we take commitment to inspect quality seriously. A well-equipped lab facility inside our factory premises helps us to confirm quality adherence at all times. In addition, our automation techniques help to maintain uniformity in production. We also conduct regular training sessions for our staff members to keep them abreast with the latest techniques. We compare the goods in process, with proven standards of its same stage to fine tune the quality while processing before finished goods.

We follow a tracking record for the finished goods, that enables us to verify the records like date of raw material purchased, date of raw material used in production, staffs involved in production, frequency of lab test conducted, moisture in process, weight in process, dry loss after drying, bailing weight and quality, quality of finished goods ware housed through a barcoding.

We Concern

Even though coir fibre and coir pith are environmentally-friendly and are water retention agents, the traditional method of processing them consumes huge quantities of water during the actual production.

RK Eco Coir has changed this history with its modern machinery and automated plant that consumes only 1/10th of the water used by the traditional method. Hence, we save water both, during production and as a water conservation agent in agriculture as an alternative to sand for organic growers and farms.

RK Coir Plant

Why Us


with stage wise feedback

Point to point communication and stage wise feedbacks helps us to better understand the client’s requirements and act according to them.


subject to quantity & order frequency

We fix price by determining and analysing the requirement of product, quantity and order frequency for benefiting of clients.


on client's requirement

We modify the input ratio of raw material during production as per client’s advice and we too change the product structure according to their comfort.


with transparent system.

Our transparent system, product, process, specification, pricing methods and prompt feedbacks keeps client satisfied forever.